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A little less piggy

Ah, New Year’s Eve.  For as long as I can remember, my preferred way to ring in the new year has been at home, with a movie and an endless stream of finger foods.  Pigs in blankets, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, chips & dip, and Granny’s punch.  It’s scary how excited I get […]

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Color Challenge Finalists for December

I decided to take a break from my week-long avoidance of anything resembling business, and do this month’s Color Challenge. And if you’re checking the date and time of this post, you’ll see I’m getting it in just under the wire. Whew. I’m usually about 5 days early. RED is apparently a very popular color, […]

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Scenes from the week after Christmas

I just can’t seem to drag myself away from zookeeping, socializing, and a wee bit of tv-watching long enough to get a proper post together. Since I know that there are throngs of you missing your daily dose of polka dots, I will force myself to stay awake long past my bed time and post […]

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Hello, friends!

I had a busy few days before Christmas, enjoyed a lovely holiday with my in-laws, and hosted a pleasant day-after-Christmas party for my side of the family.  The following day, which would be yesterday, I spent 14 hours eating potato chips & peanut butter cookies and playing Zoo Tycoon in my pajamas. I am planning […]

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This post is brought to you by an army of three-and-four-year-olds in costumes. My four-year-old brought Frankincense. Today I’m waiting for the Verizon guy to come and install FiOS. It could be an all-day event, since we are likely not to be properly wired. We’ve been a strictly 8-channel (or 10, if you count the […]

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Oh, Google, what are you trying to do to me?

As if I didn’t already have more than enough trouble keeping up with my favorite feeds in Google Reader.  Now they are dangling new feeds in front of me to try.  Yeah, like I need that.  They’ve analyzed my current subscriptions, compared them to other Google Reader users, and come up with a blogs that […]

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Scenes from the week before Christmas

Eight more days. That’s what the chain says. I have yet to break out the spreadsheet where I plan what I will be gifting this year. I haven’t locked my bedroom door and set out everything I’ve already bought/made and arranged them into little piles on the floor so that I may see what gaps […]

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The gift-making bonanza begins

I worked on Christmas gifts today. I’d love to show them to you (and hope that the recipients aren’t peeking in here today), but I’m not feeling as wordy as usual. How about I show you what I’ve done, with minimal explanation, and if you have any questions, you can ask me? Also, I gave […]

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Must be Santa

I’ve been skirt-making again!  This time I went back to my roots of using the Sew What! Skirts method, and I used Alexander Henry’s Merry Christmas Santa fabric.  And now, as I sit here in a pair of very seasonally inappropriate lounge pants, I am struck by just how much I need to use this […]

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