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Cookies, aprons, pants & more

Baking cookies

We made a different kind of cookie yesterday and were waaaaay more successful than we were with the ill-fated Pumpkin Biscotti. This time I had the “help” of a little person, which is always nice, and we slaved away all afternoon getting that sugar cookie dough perfect. Yes, it takes the ultimate concentration to combine melted butter, an egg, and a pouch of cookie mix just right icon_smile-flickr-3

Baking cookies

It also takes the proper attire. During the early summer, when I was on my big apron kick, I had made one for Eamonn using some Curious George fabric and a thrifted sheet. He’d never used it since then, and wouldn’t you know it, I had no idea where to find the darn thing. So, he wore my Susan Branch apron – the pocket ended up in the back, and the ties could have wrapped around him twice before tying, but he was happy, and I think he’s just cute as a button like that.

I found it!

A few hours later, I did find George. I had never put a polymer clay button on it, so I found one that I’d made in navy blue & white stripes and sewed it on with orange embroidery floss – I figured I’d be consistent with the theme of none of the elements of this apron matching each other. Now I just have to remember where I put the apron the next time we bake…

New Pants

Pants. Made ’em. Love ’em. These look even more like pj’s than the other ones, though. What I really need to do is make a pair in a plaid flannel or a solid brown, or something like that – something that doesn’t scream “I rolled out of bed this morning and didn’t bother to get dressed all day.” As much as I love my Heather Bailey Freshcut Painted Mums, they really do look more like a lazy morning than a conscious fashion choice.

Favorites week of October 22

This week’s flickr favorites. Check out the Sharpies! Did you know there’s an entire flickr group devoted to photos of Sharpies? Two, in fact! Guess I’m not the only one who needs to have every color…

The boys have been asking us all week if we can go to a hotel this weekend. Being very much not made of money at this point in our lives, I think a spontaneous weekend away at a hotel is not in the cards for us. However, I have had them think about what their favorite parts of previous hotel stays have been. They’re making a list, and we’re going to try to recreate those experiences as much as we can. So far their list has things like

  • Buy jellybeans (like we did at Ocean City in April)
  • Go shopping (not sure how this got on the list, but I’m not going to complain about it, LOL!)
  • Go to the boardwalk (Ocean City again)
  • Have hot chocolate (like we did when they came to Philadelphia with me for the Donna Kato class in September)
  • Stay up late playing Rummikub (Philadelphia again)

I think we can do these things with a game night followed by a day trip to a shore town about an hour away from here. I just hope the weather cooperates and that having to sleep in their own beds is not too much of a disappointment!


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Cookies, aprons, pants & more

  1. oh my goodness Lisa – your little guy is adorable. I was laughing at the first picture because you and your son have that exact same expression (you in your avatar) hee hee

    Love the aprons!

    1. LOL, yeah, that one looks like me. The other one looks like my husband. And I don’t think they look like each other at all.

  2. Very cute. After I’m done with halloween costumes, I’m going to make some aprons from a very old pattern (Older than I am, I think. . .) I’ll copy the pieces for you, because I think you’ll like it. I need to cut out a whole bunch at once, because I have put bleach spots and/or indelible stains on three articles of clothing this week because I didn’t put anything junky on before I started doing things with chemicals. *sigh*

    Now, did you know that there are a lot of campgrounds that have camping trailers permanently on site for rent? Many have water, bathrooms, heat and a/c, etc. Most of the campgrounds that have these also have on-site restaurants, some have activities for kids, and they tend to rent out at motel prices or better. Just a thought for a more economical mini-vacation!

    1. Re: apron – sounds cool!

      Re: bleach spots & stains – sounds like time for some tub-dying. I’ve saved a few stained t-shirts that way.

      Re: camping – I am *so* not a camper. Although, I have to admit what you describe doesn’t sound so terrible, LOL! They seem to be fine with the idea of game night at home tonight followed by a day trip tomorrow.

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