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Leaf me alone

My car

So the lawn guys were here today cleaning up two weeks-worth of leaves. They did a great job on the lawn, the sidewalk and the driveway. And speaking of the driveway, guess where most of the driveway leaves got blown? Yeah, oh so conveniently onto the car. And up against the garage door. Neil was so amused he snapped a few pictures.

Amusingly enough, the head of the lawn guys lives next door, and when he looked out the window and saw what our car looked like, he came over and fixed it. And probably had a “discussion” with one of his employees. Heh.

I’ve got a bunch of new magazines in stock and covers to scan, but there’s a child sleeping in the same room as the scanner tonight – I had to separate the two little chatterboxes, or they’d never go to sleep. Guess I’ll just flip through the magazines and make note of the polymer clay articles for now and scan the covers another day.

New skirt

Tomorrow is going to be dominated by Halloween-related activities. Man, I wish I liked this holiday. At least I have a snazzy new skirt to wear. I think maybe I need a fun skirt like this for every holiday…


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Leaf me alone

  1. how very annoying about the leaves – glad they got cleaned up. Hope you can find some enjoyment today in all the festivities you have lined up – AND you will look smashing in your cool new skirt

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    1. I was more amused than annoyed, although that could have changed if I had to get rid of them myself the next morning, while I was already late getting Eamonn to preschool… Sometimes it’s handy to live next door to the lawn guy 🙂

  2. here’s hoping the boo-tiful leaves don’t surprise you tonight. Happy spooking with the kidlets. remember…..don’t eat ALL their candy.

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    1. So far their candy has been relatively safe from me. The nice thing is that they’re pretty generous, and have given freely when I’ve asked. I’m sure in years to come I’ll have to wait for them to go to bed and sneak everything I want out of the baskets 🙂

  3. I love the shawl of leaves for your car. How crafty! You did that on purpose didn’t you???
    Cute skirt!

    1. Haha, yeah, that’s me – leaving leaf sculptures all over the yard 🙂

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