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Top o’ the Mornin’ Muffins

Green Tea Banana Muffins, at Polka Dot Cottage

Green muffins for St. Patrick’s Day, and not a drop of food coloring in sight. These suckers are super healthy.

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Green smoothies, again

Make-Ahead Green Smoothie recipe at Polka Dot Cottage

I’ve been drinking green smoothies for the last few weeks, and I don’t hate them. In fact, I really like them. I’m a convert! Check out my recipe.

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Let’s talk about meat substitutes

27 food 01

What’s your favorite meatless hot dog alternative?

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Low-Salt, Low-Fat, Heart Healthy Freebies

Five (more) Low-Salt, Low-Fat, Heart-Healthy recipes from Polka Dot Cottage

Psst! Would you like a free downloadable cookbook with 5 heart-healthy recipes inside? Here, take two! They’re small :-)

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Diet food

Iced Candy Cane Green Tea

Wherein I talk about strawberry butter on toast and peppermint iced tea in a blue mason jar. But not at the same time.

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Saturday in June

Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522

I visited the farm, made some delicious ice pops, and took about a million photos of the process (because cooking is so much more fun when there’s a camera in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other).

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The butter dilemma

The challenges of heart-healthy meal planning when avoiding processed foods

Every year at this time, I take a look at our diet and think about reducing the amount of processed foods we consume. In some ways, the guidelines we now have to follow for a heart-healthy diet have made whole(er) foods meal-planning even more challenging.

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Not a good time

13 smoothie

Yesterday morning I went food shopping for all of the ingredients that would get me started on a cleanse. I read the book Clean a few months ago, and it completely sold me on the idea at the time, but I hadn’t been able to find three convenient consecutive weeks to try it out. This […]

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Pumpkin (or Banana Maple) Muffins

296/365 October 22

I just put a batch of hooks in the oven to cure, and I figured I would take this opportunity to share with you something else I recently put in the oven that is not polymer clay, but actual honest-to-goodness edible food. This time of year, there is always a little bit of buzz in […]

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221/365 August 8

The topic of grills comes up every year around Memorial Day at our house. Usually the conversation goes like this: Me: Let’s replace our old non-functioning grill. Neil: Why? Me: I love the taste of a grilled hot dog, and I always have to invite myself to my parents’ house when I crave one. Neil: […]

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