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TWiP: Bubbles, Berries, and Bum Buds

This Week in Pictures, Week 24, 2022

I picked up my fancy camera more than usual, which I think is probably a good thing. Having a hefty device in my hands, looking through a viewfinder, being intentional about focus… it’s a different experience than phone photography usually is.

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TWiP: Four Day Weekend

This Week in Pictures, Week 22, 2022

This is the mosaic of somebody who had a four day weekend and didn’t let it go to waste. I had family time, I crocheted, I played some more with the fusion of NFC technology and polymer clay, I used polymer and resin to copy a pair of beloved-but-no-longer-for-sale Etsy-bought earrings that I lost, I got my dirty car washed so it sparkles and shines, and I enjoyed the last of the peonies.

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