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TWiP: Newfound Punctuality

This Week in Pictures, Week 1, 2022

This week I’ve made an effort to use my Canon 80D wherever possible. What I lose in convenience by not using my handy phone, I more than make up for in quality, I think. It’s not that my phone doesn’t take lovely pictures. In fact, my current phone is orders of magnitude better than the camera I was using when I started this blog. But there’s something about a DSLR photo that just looks better.

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TWiP: Improvisationally Inclined

This Week in Pictures, Week 43, 2021

I really like it when I have something worthwhile to share in these weekly roundups. I’ll admit that some weeks feel a bit sparse. But this is one of those satisfying weeks, with multiple projects to share. Some knitting, some crocheting, and some slow cooking.

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