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Yarny things

So this weekend is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and I’m heading down there with the yarn shop on their annual bus trip. This is the first time I’ve gone (on their bus or otherwise) so it should be interesting! One of the activities planned on the bus is an “outrageous earring contest” and […]

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The Texture Collection, and other stories

You know how you go through your creative life picking up little bits of information from one artist whose work you admire, a few tidbits from another, an interesting idea from yet another?  And all of these inputs take up residence in your brain, waiting for just the right little nudge to make them come […]

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Christmas Mokume

The snow fell yesterday, most of the afternoon in big fluffy flakes.  I often say how much I dislike snow, but the truth is that the objectionable part of a snowfall, to me, is its aftermath – the shoveling of it, the driving in it, the trudging through it.  The actual snowfall itself is something […]

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