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Just beachy

Now that both of my kids are school-age, I find that I appreciate my role as at-home Mom most deeply in the summer.  I’ve gotten used to having them both on schedules and gone for a great portion of the time during the school year, but in the summer?  In the summer, we can drop […]

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From Grandma’s table to my hips

I’ve had a small pile of fabric set aside for the last three months. In that stack was: two thrifted pillowcases in a lovely pink, yellow, and aqua stripe a roll of polka-dot grosgrain ribbon in dark brown and aqua my grandmother’s tablecloth, white with a yellow, pink, and aqua floral border These were to […]

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Bribery will get you everywhere

Once upon a time (or, more specifically, just over a year ago) I made a deal with myself.  I knew I needed to lose 25lbs, and I thought maybe an incentive system would push me to reach my goal.  Hey, it works with the kids, right?  Why not me?  So I decided that for every […]

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Skirting the issues

Hi, everyone!  Hoping you have been having a lovely holiday!  We have, and it’s not over yet.  We’ve got the traditional day-after-Christmas get-together with my family later tonight.  I’ve got a delicious Pumpkin Trifle to make for that, and some gifts I haven’t wrapped yet, but other than that, I’m good to go. I thought […]

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Peasant skirts and t shirts

I stayed up entirely too late last night watching two episodes of What Not to Wear.  And more than once during the first, I caught Neil giving me the “you wear that outfit every day” look.  Well, ok, maybe so.  Maybe I don’t see anything wrong with peasant skirts, flip-flops and t-shirts together.  At least […]

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Skirt sickness and sugar scrub

Is there such a thing as Skirtmakers Anonymous? It’s not so much that I like wearing skirts (although, I definitely do). It’s more that I like wearing skirts that I made. Have you seen some of the new skirts that Target has this season? I love them! But I’ve been passing them by on the […]

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Another holiday, another skirt

Hello, Friends. Happy Fourth of July! I’m all about the last minute. Case in point: I made my holiday skirt this morning. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, and sat down on the family room floor to cut out my fabric while the boys watched a little Spongebob (Oh! Speaking of Spongebob, you […]

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Where cameras fear to tread

I would have loved to start off this post with an image of our spare bedroom. It is the 2nd largest of our three bedrooms, and is currently housing Neil‘s desk and a bevy of books from Neil’s old store. I wish I could share images of this room with you, because it’s quite impressive […]

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I think I have saturated the marketplace here at home. The boys were really excited about the eight pairs of bandana pants I made for them this past weekend, but you see, I could’t stop there. No, those eBay bandanas were really lacking in the quality department, and I just wanted to make a few […]

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