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Going out of Business Sale

Have you been to the Polka Dot Cottage shop lately?  No?  Well, neither has anybody else, myself included.  I’m not feeling it anymore.  The why’s of it are complicated, but I think it boils down to one fact more than others: I don’t make enough time to work with polymer anymore. THE BACK STORY The […]

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The Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving! I usually spend Black Friday hanging around in my pj’s with the rest of the family, maybe geeking out on the computer, maybe reading a book, maybe knitting something, probably enjoying a little leftover apple pie… I rarely give much thought to shopping.  Even as a store-owner myself! Well that all is changing […]

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Lessons learned and sales begun

Last night I learned that it takes roughly two hours to unpack a few dozen boxes, organize the contents, and update my website with restocked items. I discovered this morning that if you have on the floor 18 piles of magazines sorted by title, it will take another two hours to make space for them […]

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Where cameras fear to tread

I would have loved to start off this post with an image of our spare bedroom. It is the 2nd largest of our three bedrooms, and is currently housing Neil‘s desk and a bevy of books from Neil’s old store. I wish I could share images of this room with you, because it’s quite impressive […]

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I’m tripping over magazines

We interrupt this blog to tell you the sad story of huddled masses of magazines, yearning to be free… Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought it would be really fun to offer crafty magazines for sale on her website. And it was. For the first few years. The thing about magazines […]

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