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I spaced-out on the Kids Clothes Week Challenge until today (Ever just want to sit next to an open window with a good book and a refreshing drink?  Yes?  Well then, you have the gist of how my week has felt. Forget dragging the sewing machine back up from the basement, I’ll just sit here […]

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I think I have saturated the marketplace here at home. The boys were really excited about the eight pairs of bandana pants I made for them this past weekend, but you see, I could’t stop there. No, those eBay bandanas were really lacking in the quality department, and I just wanted to make a few […]

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Bandana Day

I ordered a bunch of bandanas off of eBay so that I could try this great tutorial from Stefani/Blue Yonder.  All you need is two matching bandanas to make a pair of easy, inexpensive play shorts/pants.  My boys seem to go through clothes very quickly in the summer – I’m always in search of a […]

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