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Just beachy

Now that both of my kids are school-age, I find that I appreciate my role as at-home Mom most deeply in the summer.  I’ve gotten used to having them both on schedules and gone for a great portion of the time during the school year, but in the summer?  In the summer, we can drop […]

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Dipping into the gift card stash

It was Tuesday night.  Aidan had been coughing and feverish for a day or so, and Eamonn was nestling in to me on the couch in a way that could only say “I’m coming down with it, too.”  Truth be told, I was feeling somewhat sluggish myself, and so I did what any sane person […]

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Decisions, decisions…

How fabulous would life be, if the most pressing matter on your mind was which Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric to use in your new holiday skirt?  Join me in this happy little fantasy world, won’t you?  And solve my most pressing dilemma: Martini… …or Optic Blossom? The plan is to wear the same black […]

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