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Finishing the hexagon blanket!

Did you think this day would never come? It sometimes feels like that when you work on the same project for so many weeks! But here we are, the body of the blanket complete, perfectly rectangular, and ready for a decorative edge. As you can see above, I chose to do a granny-style border on […]

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How to make a straight edge on a hexagon blanket

Last week we covered how to deal with the big gaps on the sides of the blanket by filling them in with half hexagons. Today, we’ll talk about the zig-zaggy edges. By the time we’re done with this step, the blanket will be a perfect rectangle. If you look at the top edge of your […]

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How to crochet a half hexagon

Today we are going to take your mostly-finished blanket and begin squaring-off the sides. I’ll be honest. This is the part of the project that really excited me the most when Boring Office Guy and I were first exploring the idea of making him a hexagon blanket. Most of the googling I did turned up […]

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Hexagon blanket: why 18 at a time?

You’ve probably noticed that I am measuring my weekly goals in 18 hexes at a time. It’s not as arbitrary as it sounds. It’s based on the colors I’m using. Remember way back at the beginning we talked about choosing yarn for your blanket? If you haven’t seen that post, go ahead and take a […]

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Weaving in ends

Another week, another hexagon blanket update! How is yours coming along? As of Friday night, I had met my goal of doubling the number of hexagons I’d joined. I got it up to 36. I spent Saturday getting 18 more hexagons all done (except for their joining rounds), and I plan to spend the rest […]

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