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Bribery will get you everywhere

Once upon a time (or, more specifically, just over a year ago) I made a deal with myself.  I knew I needed to lose 25lbs, and I thought maybe an incentive system would push me to reach my goal.  Hey, it works with the kids, right?  Why not me?  So I decided that for every 5 pounds I lost, I would make myself a fun new skirt.

In a fit of optimism, I bought three new fabrics:

  1. A fun Valentine’s Day print to add to my holiday skirt collection (I lost that first 5lbs just in the nick of time)
  2. A bold Alexander Henry floral so that I could make a skirt like this one.
  3. A print from Tina Givens’ Zazu collection that was just begging to be a skirt.

After the first success, I hate to say it, but I never lost another pound.  In fact, over the course of the following 11 months, I gained the first five back and a few of its friends.  Blarg.

I know.  You’re probably saying, “but wait – I know you’ve made more skirts in that time!  What gives?”  Well, yes, I have.  That’s because there were amendments to the rule, as time went on.  There were the “it doesn’t count if it’s for a once-in-a-lifetime event” modification, the “thrifted vintage linens are exempt” addendum, and the ever popular, “but it’s Christmas!” amendment.

I never claimed to be perfect 😀

Through all of that, though, I never touched the two fabrics that I bought specifically for the weight-loss incentive skirts.

Incentive skirt

Until Sunday, that is.  I got back on the wagon earlier this month, and last week I reached my first five pound goal.  And even if it’s the same five pounds I lost a year ago, I still think it’s skirt-worthy, right?!

Now.  Let’s hope it’s not another year before I cut into the Alexander Henry stuff 😀


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Bribery will get you everywhere

  1. That’s a very skirt-worthy achievement! And a very fabulous skirt (I adore that print)! Oh, and your wall color is gorgeous too!

    See what Jona has been blogging about: More scrappy therapy

  2. Good for you!

  3. I like your incentive plan – I need to come up with one for myself.

    See what beki has been blogging about: happy mardi gras!

  4. I’ve used the same incentive!

    By the way, there was an article in today’s Bozeman Daily Chronicle on the CPSIA. A local columnist expressed her concern about the toys and children’s items that were being pulled off the thrift store shelves.

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  5. You go!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 lbs is 5 lbs and yes it counts and is skirt worthy!!

  6. Heck, I’d say losing 5 pounds is worth a skirt AND a top! I’m trying to lose a few pounds myselft. Tough, isn’t it?

  7. keep up the good work. soon you’ll be making a new skirt for losing 10 lbs. The weight battle is never fun. I’ve been “dieting” for 7 months…30 lbs off. I may have to starting making skirts myself. I need a new reward system.

  8. That is fantastic – cool skirt too.

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  9. Losing weight is such a pain. Good luck and more power to you. I love the skirts that you make. Is there a specific pattern you use? If so any idea where I might pick one up? Thanks and good luck with the weight war. (I’m right there with you)

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  10. “Hey it works with the kids.” What do you mean?!

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