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Bribery will get you everywhere

Once upon a time (or, more specifically, just over a year ago) I made a deal with myself.  I knew I needed to lose 25lbs, and I thought maybe an incentive system would push me to reach my goal.  Hey, it works with the kids, right?  Why not me?  So I decided that for every […]

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Be my Valentine

I mentioned in passing a while back that I had made an agreement with myself that I would not make a single skirt until I’d lost 5 lbs? Admittedly, that’s an easier deal to make with oneself in the middle of winter when one would prefer to be bundled up in cozy sweatpants and would […]

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Food, glorious food

I’ve spent all darn day doing food-related things. I even took my Project365 photo while food shopping. I was up late last night coming up with a menu for the week – one that consisted of some new things, some healthy things, and some easy things. Lately I’ve been taking the easy way out as […]

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Honors, Favorites & Pudge

I think today instead of ending with my thankful thought, I will start with it. Guess what – Kim from Today’s Creative Blog featured me yesterday! Isn’t that cool? I encourage you to go check out Kim’s blog. I’ve had it on my must-read list for some time now. She has a knack for finding […]

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