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Public Service Announcement

Hey there. I am not a political person. I have very few positions that can’t be swayed by a well-crafted argument, and I am not in the habit of sharing my opinions uninvited. But I’m going to do it now Have you heard of the concept of Net Neutrality? If not, you’ll want to check […]

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Natural Crafting and the Plastic Addiction

An unsolicited copy of a new magazine appeared in my mailbox this weekend, and it has brought to the forefront an issue that I have been batting around for a few months. The focus of the magazine is on crafting with natural materials. I flipped through it and saw things like felt, wool, cotton, natural […]

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Twinkling Toes, Pretty Posies, and Toothless Grins

Have a handful of scrumptious Farmers’ Market kettle corn and answer a quick question for me, ok? [poll=2] Thanks! And now on to other things… Like toes! A certain little four-year-old boy looked up at me the other day and said, “Mommy? Do you have green nail polish?” I didn’t. “Do you think we could […]

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Polymer Clay Play Day

I love the first Sunday of the month. It’s the day the NJ Polymer Clay Guild has its workshops. In the three or four hours I’m there, I get to socialize with like-minded individuals, sharing some of my knowledge and absorbing some of theirs. I get to sell a couple of the latest books & […]

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Confessions of a Sculpey Junkie

Sculpey III: the polymer clay serious artists love to hate. When a newbie comes on the scene, the advice from the veterans is always the same: “Get rid of all of that Sculpey you bought before you knew any better and get yourself some real clay, like Fimo, Premo, or Kato.” I learned to clay […]

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