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Moody Swamp

Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge Droplets and leaves in a web

This weekend,the 15 year old and I went to the Great Swamp in the rain. His idea. “Bring the camera,” he said. It was wet, unsurprisingly, and we had the entire place to ourselves. I don’t think that has ever happened to us before. It was nice. And a tiny bit creepy.

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Oh, March.

Oh, March, I am coming to dread you ever year.  When you’re not visiting unfortunate loss upon us (2007), theatrically raining destruction over our front yard (2008), or infecting us with the flu (2009), you are bringing a weekend storm replete with whipping winds, driving rains, power outages, and flooded basements. I’m not superstitious by […]

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Drowned Rat

It’s not so much that I mind the headlice – sure all of the laundering, freezing, scorching, treatment-giving, and nit-picking etc. is a royal pain, but I can deal with that. I don’t really even mind driving the kids to their two different schools to have them checked out by their nurses before being allowed […]

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