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September after all

Several times in the last few days I’ve said “this month,” when referring to things we’d actually done in August.  I couldn’t seem to wrap my brain around it being September yet.  I mean, really.  September?  Already? Hmmm.  Maybe so… We’ve got (slightly hail-damaged) Honeycrisp apples, fresh off the tree. I made applesauce today.  Tomorrow, […]

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Chicken dance

Last time Eamonn and I went to Hillview Farms, we saw some chickens off in the distance who, once they noticed us, came running down the hill.  The closer the chickens got, the more interested Eamonn got in watching them from the safety of the car.  No, he was not adventurous where enthusiastic clucking and […]

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Firsts, lasts, milestones

Today I went to the farm.  I was looking for zinnias and honeycrisp apples like last year, but there were no apples to be had.  It was disappointing, but I did manage to come home with something else nifty:  my first ever batch of farm-fresh multi-colored eggs! Yeah, I know.  Where have I been not […]

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