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The Otherworldly Vibe of Lomochrome Turquoise

Did you see my previous post? It’s not necessary that you did, strictly speaking, but I think it puts these images in perspective. (If you’re on a desktop, you might enjoy pulling up that post in another window and looking at them side-by-side.)

I took these photos with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000 and a roll of the very trippy Lomochrome Turquoise film. They are not frame-by-frame repeats of the images in yesterday’s post (mostly), but they were all taken in the same places, and often of the same or similar things.

To refresh your memory, those places are Belmar Beach, Hillview Farm, Great Swamp, River Barge Park, and Boonton Coffee Company.

You can click on the images to see them larger or to find out where they were taken.

This film is so unusual. You may remember I used Lomochrome Purple back in the spring when I was first getting my feet wet in film photography. I found the color changes with the purple film to be fairly predictable – green turned purple, yellow turned pink, blue turned green, red stayed the same-ish, and the color changes for shades in between just made sense. But this turquoise film is harder to pin down. I found that aside from orange skies, I wasn’t 100% sure what was going to happen with everything else in the photo.

These images remind me of old fashioned post cards or book illustrations where they had limited colors to work with, because it feels like everything here is either orange or teal, with very little range in between. One exception: skin is blue. That’s cool if you’re into Smurfs, but otherwise it’s a bit disturbing.

I was really looking forward to taking this film on the beach – as you can see, that’s the first place I went – but honestly, I like the ocean views better in their original colors (or, let’s be honest, I like the ocean views tweaked ever so slightly to be a tiny bit greener than nature intended). On the other hand, I think the orange skies and the teal greenery of the Swamp is pretty awesome. It feels like another planet. A lush, welcoming planet. I also really like the images of buildings, boats, or other human-made things. I honestly wouldn’t mind living in a world of turquoise bricks and lumber.

So, that was fun. But I’m probably not going to buy this film again. I don’t feel the urge to do it more than once.

What do you think of this look? Cool? Or creepy?


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “The Otherworldly Vibe of Lomochrome Turquoise

  1. The effect of the turquoise is more dramatic than I expected. I would say it’s more cool than creepy. I agree it might be worth trying once for fun, but I don’t see many real use cases for it.

    1. Yeah, I really loved what it did with the lush greenery of the swamp, in particular. It was more intense there than I’d expected.

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