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Peaceful puttering

I didn’t sleep very well last night, maybe fifteen minute stretches here and there.  I was too twitchy to sleep, constantly aware that at any moment the phone beside the bed could ring and startle me awake, my heart beating frantically out of my chest.  The phone does that to me.

It was an unusual night, that had me waiting for Neil’s call from the hospital, wherein he would tell me everything was fine and I could come pick him up from the emergency room now.  Had I known the call wouldn’t come until 6am or so, I probably could have snuck in a good four or five hours of sleep.  The important thing, though, is that the call did come, and all was (and still is) well.

New dress

There is nothing like an essentially sleepless night to take the wind out of one’s productive sails, and so I spent much of this morning lolling about on the couch watching Clean House reruns, thinking I should nap, but never quite getting there.

By the time I realized that I didn’t want to spend the day in a television coma, it was already clear that this day didn’t want to be a typical busy Monday.  It was looking like a slow, quiet Monday, with little pockets of productivity now and then:  a little tidying in the kitchen, a little sewing…

New dress

What once was a Ralph Lauren duvet cover became a summer sheath dress.  It was much appreciated as the mercury began to rise past 90.

We’re not prepared for heat like this in April.  A 94-degree afternoon in mid-July is considerably easier, because it’s expected.  In July, there is a kiddie pool in the back yard waiting too cool off one’s feet, and frozen strawberries in the freezer, waiting to become refreshing, icy drinks.  April doesn’t have that kind of support in place, and so there’s a lot of sitting around, and fanning of oneself, and doing of the absolute minimum.  Particularly when one is deeply tired, to boot.


So the bare minimum it was. Supper got made, and blogs got read.  I’d let my feed reader languish for the last few weeks, and it was a pleasure getting reacquainted with so many of my favorite reads. The evening breeze made it pleasant enough to do some of that catching-up while sitting outside, and so I did.  And then something I read made me go get my camera and look for a bench to stand on.

Bench Monday

Did you know about Bench Monday?  I didn’t either until tonight.  Luckily, there is flexibility in what passes for a “bench” and a wrought iron lawn chair sans cushion is also acceptable.

Flexibility.  I guess that’s what a day like today is all about – letting the ambitious plans wait a while, going with the flow of unseasonably hot weather & sleepless nights, and settling in to some peaceful puttering.


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Posted on 16 Comments

16 thoughts on “Peaceful puttering

  1. cute dress! Glad your husband’s “episode” as my grandmother would call it, wasn’t more serious. I know how truly scary something like that can be and even when it’s over and all is well, your day just isn’t the same. My thoughts are with you both. Hopefully his doctor can figure out what it was quickly.

    Oh! …and Welcome to Bench Monday!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the good thoughts! As for Bench Monday, I keep finding myself scanning my environment for good things to stand on 😀

  2. Thank goodness, Neil’s alright. Smart to administer the asprins, you’re great to have around in an emergency! And you look darling in a striped duvet summer slip dress!

    PS: I really liked how you allowed yourself to be today, not pressured to be productive or to formally rest, and to feel satisfied with what you accomplished. Well done.

    1. I’m glad I bought that aspirin in a paranoid moment a few months ago 😀

      I really need to go with the flow more often, I think, and let the day decide what it wants to be. It’s a more relaxing way to live, certainly.

  3. I’m glad everything’s better now!

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    1. Me too, thanks!

  4. Poor Neil and poor you. I hope you manage to get a good night sleep tonight.
    On the up side Bench Monday looks like fun, my only worry is that I would get my timing wrong, its Tuesday evening here now so would I post my Monday or yours??

    1. Hmm, I would guess that your local time is what matters in this case. The way that flickr timestamps your uploads would be the deciding factor. That’s my guess, anyway 😀

  5. How scary! I’m glad to read that things turned out well. After something like that, you deserve time (and a good sleep) to get back to normal!

    1. Yeah, not a big fan of those midnight ER runs. Only happened twice here (and twice during my childhood) but you’re not quite the same the following day, even though everything turns out fine. And in my experience, it always has turned out fine, thankfully.

  6. I am glad that he is OK and I LOVE the dress.

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    1. Me too, and thank you! It was great in yesterday’s hot weather.

  7. Very cute dress!

    You’re the second person I’ve seen mention Bench Monday…I may have to get in on the action next week. 🙂

    1. Thanks, and yeah, I’m already thinking about where I can take the next Bench Monday shot 😀

  8. Lisa,Im glad that everything turned out ok. What a crazy evening/night. Im glad the boys didnt wake up. Is Neil feeling any better now? Take care of yourself. 🙂 BTW your hair is getting really long!!

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    1. Yeah, the boys waking up would have complicated matters a bit. Neil feels fine now, and hasn’t had any more problems since then, thankfully!

      RE: the hair, it really is! And I’m about this close to getting a chin-length layered bob…

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