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I’m writing from the fog capital of the world.  This is the view from the hotel deck last night around 7:00.  Can you spot the Atlantic Ocean there?


It did clear up eventually. About 24 hours later.

It’s just after 9:00 now, I’m sitting on a reclining lounge chair on the hotel deck.  There are two decks: one that overlooks the boardwalk and has the view Ijust showed you, and another on the other side of the hotel, that overlooks the street. I’m on the latter deck, in the only spot where the free wi-fi seems to actually work, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and enjoying a bongo serenade from one of the rental homes across the street. It’s cold here.  So cold that I am shivering as I type this.  The laptop says 61 degrees, but I have my doubts that it’s even that warm.


On an unrelated note, the sea air is making my hair even curlier than usual.

Brrr.  Is it possible to get frostbite in 60-degree weather?  I imagine that sitting out here like this would be a sweet experience for the senses if it were a warm night the middle of summer.  It’s too bad that we’re such crowd-hating cheapskates who can’t bring ourselves to visit a shore town at the height of the tourist season.  Heh.

Still, this is nice.  Give me 10 or 15 more degrees, though, and I’d be jumping for joy and wishing we could be here for a week!

I’m going back to my room to crawl under a blanket.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to find me a nice hot latte 🙂 I really am having a nice time, and hoping that you are enjoying your weekend as well!

Posted on 12 Comments

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  1. OMG I’m soooooooooooo jealous. I love cold weather at the beach. It has been in the mid to high 90s every day for two weeks and I so miss winter. Hey, I have plenty of sand here (no water, ha) wanna trade??? :o)

    1. I like a cold, empty beach, too, but only when that’s what I’m expecting. I was really, REALLY in the mood for some sun and warmth this weekend. Ah, well. We’re still finding ways to enjoy ourselves.

  2. am sending you some of the heat we have here. was 102 today…..supposed to be 104 tomorrow. Will gladly send you 20 degrees!

    1. Oh, if only it worked that way! I’d take you up on that in a heartbeat! I got drenched this morning on the way to breakfast – 55 degrees and raining.

  3. My in-laws just rented a house in Margate (NJ). Ray is looking forward to visiting them at Christmas so we can see how it is at the beach during winter.

    1. Neil and I have always been fans of the beach in the fall. It’s so nice to be there when nobody else is. Don’t know about winter, though. I think it’s cold enough in October!

  4. Looks so nice! We live along lake Erie, and we actually have ‘fog days’ where the buses don’t run due to thick fog. Funny, eh?

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  5. Wow, your hair looks awesome!

  6. That wind coming off the water can be VERY cold. Last year when we were in Mazatlan, they had record cold-60’s and low 70’s and it was darn cold! The locals said they didn’t have coats for it. The good news is we’re leaving for Mazatlan again on Thursday and my Desktop forecast is for 80’s and maybe 90’s. Yippeee!

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  7. Love the photos AND your hair! Thanks for sharing the pics.. made me miss the coast in a big way. 🙂

  8. […] was rainy, as predicted.  And cold, also as predicted.  And though we did venture out to the boardwalk a few times – […]

  9. Oh, the Jersey Shore! I’d love to be there right now even if it is cold. Hope you had a wonderful time, Lisa!

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