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Goodies up for grabs

Or, for sale, anyway… On Etsy, I’ve got three new items, meant to coordinate with particular fabric (as all of my Etsy items are). Of course, if you like the colors, you can use them in whatever context you wish. Meet Flea Market Fancy Striped Decorative Button, Flea Market Fancy Triangles Decorative Button, and Flea […]

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It seemed like a good idea at the time

Ever set out to make a small change that you think will be a Good Thing, only to discover once the deed is done, that there are repercussions you hadn’t taken into account?  It took me all of  five minutes to use flickr’s organizer to take 200 or so photos and change one property about […]

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Think you can stand looking at a few more scarves?

Or are you about ready to gouge your eyes out by now? These are for the boys. The one on the left goes with Aidan’s orange vest, and the one on the right goes with Eamonn’s blue vest. They’re both made in my usual way, with flannel backing, polymer clay buttons, and a few patches […]

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Poor little misfit scarf

The boys and I braved 50-degree temperatures, squeaky car brakes and raging PMS for a quick trip to Wal-Mart today. I was in need of baby blue thread, and Neil not being home, I couldn’t just run out on my own. Waiting until Monday was out of the question because I really wanted all three […]

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Good Morning, Sunshine!

I’ve been seeing comments lately from readers who say they look forward to reading my posts as they sip their morning tea… that’s so very sweet! But now, knowing that I have a legion of fans counting on me, I can’t go to bed without saying something entertaining, can I? (Perhaps “legion” is a bit […]

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Twinkling Toes, Pretty Posies, and Toothless Grins

Have a handful of scrumptious Farmers’ Market kettle corn and answer a quick question for me, ok? [poll=2] Thanks! And now on to other things… Like toes! A certain little four-year-old boy looked up at me the other day and said, “Mommy? Do you have green nail polish?” I didn’t. “Do you think we could […]

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D is for Dr. Pepper

In the Encyclopedia of Me, D is for Dr. Pepper – the only Doctor I’d willingly visit every day…  And that’s really all I need to say about that, isn’t it?  Mmmmmm. I have been a walking ball of stress all day.  I slept poorly last night, which I’m sure didn’t help, and when I […]

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