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Goodies up for grabs

Or, for sale, anyway…

New button

On Etsy, I’ve got three new items, meant to coordinate with particular fabric (as all of my Etsy items are). Of course, if you like the colors, you can use them in whatever context you wish. Meet Flea Market Fancy Striped Decorative Button, Flea Market Fancy Triangles Decorative Button, and Flea Market Fancy Triangles Umbrella Earrings. I’m sure you’ll all get along famously Smile

New button

Over on Polka Dot Creations, I’ve got a few items that I have had around, but didn’t have a chance to photograph until now. Meet Biscotti Triangles Decorative Button, and Crabapple Floral Umbrella Earrings. Unlike their cousins over at Etsy, these lovelies are decked-out in color schemes entirely unrelated to what happens to be in my fabric box.

Have fun with the new goodies – these are the last shop updates I’ve got in me before I go away this weekend. But when I return? Oooh, I hope I will be laden down with piles and piles of pretties to entice you. I’m usually quite prolific at the annual clayathon, and I’m getting more and more enthusiastic about my uninterrupted clay time!

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