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Twinkling Toes, Pretty Posies, and Toothless Grins

Kettle corn

Have a handful of scrumptious Farmers’ Market kettle corn and answer a quick question for me, ok?
Thanks! And now on to other things…

Twinkle toes

Like toes! A certain little four-year-old boy looked up at me the other day and said, “Mommy? Do you have green nail polish?” I didn’t. “Do you think we could get some green nail polish for me to wear?” I thought it was a funny request from a child of the male persuasion, but I said “sure!” and the next time we were at Drug Fair he helped me pick out a bottle of green and a bottle of blue for good measure. Handsome feet, don’t you think?


I did some long-time-coming updates to both the Polka Dot Creations shop and my Etsy shop today. Here at PDC, I’ve got some Posy Hair Pins and Posy Rings in Swamp Calico

…and Candy Chenille.


Over at Etsy, I’ve added some Posy Hair Pins and Posy Rings in the Triangles pattern and Heather Bailey’s Freshcut colors. I’ve had all of these posies made and photographed since late June, but I never got them listed.

Coming soon to Etsy, the Birdseed Line

Lost tooth!

Somewhere in between inserting the final images and getting the correct links in this post, Aidan, surprised look on his face, said “hey! my tooth just fell out!” Much excitement ensued – at 7 1/2 years old, one week before the beginning of 2nd grade, this is his first tooth to let go. I felt a wee bit misty holding his tiny tooth in my hand – my firstborn has taken another step out of babyhood.

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Twinkling Toes, Pretty Posies, and Toothless Grins

  1. Ha! My little boy is partial to blue nail polish! 🙂 (Of course, we live in a house where Barbie and Brats regularly drive the fire and dump trucks, and the Tony Hawk/Ken/Rescue Heroes/GI Joe figures will happily hang out in the Barbie Dream House. 😉 ) Yay! for raising boys that aren’t constricted by gender-role expectations! Love the rings and hair pins. (And I have no idea how I haven’t hearted your etsy shop before this – it’s in my favorites now!)

    1. THanks! And as far as the nail polish goes, when I was a kid, I asked for a Barbie convertible for Christmas. What I got was a shiny, red Tonka truck. My Barbie was officially the first doll to drive an SUV 😉 So, I’m all messed-up gender-roles-wise anyway!

  2. […] get to see if anything was loose, but I assumed it wasn’t.  My older son was 7 1/2 before his first tooth fell out, and I had no reason to believe Eamonn would be any […]

  3. When it comes to tooth fairy pillows, I only go to one place, She’s does great work and my nieces and nephews just love their pillows.

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