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Ah, the “charm pack.”  A package of 40-some-odd five-inch squares of fabric, samples of each print in a given fabric collection (in this case  “Punctuation” by Sandy Klop/American Jane). Most people use them in quilt tops, but me? I like to spend an hour sorting them by color.  And then by pattern.  And then in […]

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Friday Photo Love

You can tell how much time I’ve had for play by how many photos I’ve had a chance to notice: Only six? Yeah.  Kind of busy this week.  I spent Thursday so tightly wound, I thought I might snap.  This summer-to-fall transition is really just as hard for me as it is for the kids, […]

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Eco-friendly gift wrap

This is a very simple way to wrap small gifts, like CDs, DVDs, or books.  If you raid your stash for the materials, it is completely free and eco-friendly.  (If you don’t have a fabric stash, a pretty pillowcase would work just as nicely!) Supplies fabric fat quarters (I used Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain) coordinating […]

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One thing leads to another

I got this new book the other day – The Pillow Book by Shannon Okey – with the idea of making throw pillows for my bedroom. I’ve flipped through it a few times before, but today I actually decided I wanted to try one of the projects. This button-enclosed pillow would be cool with some […]

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I found Kitschy Christmas

But it’s about eight-and-a-half months too late… Last October I bought prints from Moda’s Christmas Past collection to make the above napkins. I wanted something with a fun, retro feel, and this collection was about as close as I could come. I like it well enough, and would have just lived with it, if not […]

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Goodies up for grabs

Or, for sale, anyway… On Etsy, I’ve got three new items, meant to coordinate with particular fabric (as all of my Etsy items are). Of course, if you like the colors, you can use them in whatever context you wish. Meet Flea Market Fancy Striped Decorative Button, Flea Market Fancy Triangles Decorative Button, and Flea […]

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This post is brought to you by an army of three-and-four-year-olds in costumes. My four-year-old brought Frankincense. Today I’m waiting for the Verizon guy to come and install FiOS. It could be an all-day event, since we are likely not to be properly wired. We’ve been a strictly 8-channel (or 10, if you count the […]

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It’s beginning to look a little bit sort of like Christmas

It snowed today. And then it rained, thereby canceling the town tree-lighting ceremony. This was to be the first year we bothered to go. I heard they were going to have a cookie table, a school band and fireworks. I’ve heard mention of this event every year, and I never envisioned it to be all […]

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