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Etsy is for the Birds


But in a good way… I’ve just added six new items based on Alexander Henry’s Birdseed fabric to my shop. Two pendants


…three big buttons


…and a ring. There’s more (earrings and bobby pins in particular), but I don’t want to spend my whole day in front of the computer – the sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and I have to go buy me some flowers for the coffee table! Perhaps I’ll post the rest later. Or tomorrow. Pop by Etsy whenever you get a chance and see what else I’ve managed to list!

I hope your weekend is going pleasantly so far 🙂

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Etsy is for the Birds

  1. I got my apron today – LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It is exactly what I have been wanting. I have one made of some kind of canvas but it goes around the neck & is really too thick to be functional. I hope you meant for this to be worn cause I am really loving the fit & feel of it.



    ps Did I say I LOVE IT!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Kelly, I’m so glad you like it! And, of course, wear the daylights out of it! I have one that I wear all of the time when I’m cooking – it matches my kitchen 😉

      Did any of the beads I sent work for you?

      1. opps, forgot to say thanks for the beads!!! Love the colors! I haven’t tried them yet. I’m thinking about doing that tonight, tho part of me doesn’t want to put them on my phone cause then they won’t be new, they’ll get all yucky “used” looking

        btw, my boy paints his nails, too, mostly finger nails. I ought to introduce him to green & blue polish, he may wear that better than his sister’s pinks, lol!

        & congrats on losing that 1st tooth! What a milestone.

        Wish it was fall here, love the pretty apples & flowers!


  2. I love your new creations, especially the pendants! I’ve marked them as a favourite on Etsy for future shopping 🙂

    1. Cool! I’ve got a pile more of those pendants in my regular store, too.

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