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Swag junkie

Oh, yes, I think that describes me quite well. I hadn’t ever used the term “swag” until I read it on Amy’s blog recently, but now I’m all about that word. Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. Swag. Suh-wag. Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. It just rolls off the tongue so much more easily than “stuff with my images on them.” So, yes, I’m […]

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Milestones and the tote bags to hold them in

Hey there. Didja miss me? Wednesday morning I hopped into a van with two baby boomers, four young boys, and a cooler full of snacks, and began barrelling down route 78 on our way to Lancaster County, PA. It was an enjoyable trip with many stops along the way to keep us busy, but there’s […]

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Is it Wednesday already?

Wow. Normally I’m a couple of days ahead, but today I’m behind and having a hard time remembering it’s already Wednesday. I took a lot of slice-of-life pictures today, and I’ll probably share some of them here, but first, my parents’ wedding picture. It’s their 37’th anniversary today. I’m not sure if they ever read […]

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CafePress Geek

Oh , I have been *such* a geek this week. When not thinking Thanksgiving-y thoughts, I was whipping up websites, digital scrapbooking, and designing t-shirt graphics. Want to see what I’ve done? Ok, twist my arm. Check out the brand new Polka Dot Radio website, and the updated “Information Desk” at The Polka Dot Cottage. […]

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