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Is it Wednesday already?

Dad and MomWow. Normally I’m a couple of days ahead, but today I’m behind and having a hard time remembering it’s already Wednesday.

I took a lot of slice-of-life pictures today, and I’ll probably share some of them here, but first, my parents’ wedding picture. It’s their 37’th anniversary today. I’m not sure if they ever read this blog, but just in case: Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad – thanks for being such a great example of respect and teamwork all of these years! (Don’t worry – I called them and am not expecting them to get their anniversary wishes through a post they’ll probably never see icon_wink-flickr-4)

Clean dishes

Now as far as that slice-of-life thing goes, much of today was a dizzying fanfare of domesticity. From unloading the dishwasher to decluttering the living room, nothing really exciting happened here. And yet, I feel the need to tell you all about it and dare you not to be bored to tears icon_wink-flickr-4 Ok, so, here I am unloading the dishwasher. Note the snazzy new skirt (which you can read all about here if you are so inclined). After the dishwasher was empty I put the dirty dishes in it and cleaned the living room, with the two small evil henchmen, who had actually been the ones who messed it up in the first place. *yawn* Oh, did I type that out loud? Sorry…


I did some food shopping today, too, and let me just say how happy I am to be using these tote bags for the job. I had originally bought 15 of them from my cafepress store to use as promotional items, but for some reason I stopped giving them out. I found that I had 5 crisp, unused ones recently and brought them to the grocery store with me. It was so nice not to come home with another 5 paper-in-plastic bags to stuff in their spot under the sink. I do use those paper bags for other things, but I accumulate them faster than I can recycle them these days. Besides the obvious environmental benefits of using canvas tote bags, one of my favorite benefits is the fact that I can sling two bags over each shoulder, also carry one in each hand and bring my whole shopping load in the house in one trip! I love that.

Pool time

We had more pool time today. I dipped my feet in the pool to cool off and then kicked back to read a few magazines in the shade while the boys played. It’s hard for me to just sit there and relax when I have all kinds of projects waiting for me in the house, but it’s getting easier. I’m trying to enjoy the moment, watch the boys play, take a few pictures, water some plants, just putter around in the grass or read something crafty.

Pool time

I’ve never been an outdoorsey type, but there truly is something satisfying about being in the yard in the summer. I’m enjoying watching the butterflies flutter by, feeling the tingle of the sun drying the drips off of my ankles after I’ve dipped them in the pool, and taking in the learning process of curious little boys. Son #1 says to son #2, “look at my hands! They’re a different color under the water!” And so begins several minutes of observing how the water changes the way things look.

I’ve decided that tomorrow will be the drawing for the Pocket Full of Posies Giveaway. I also decided to add another magazine to the pot. I was sent a sample issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, which was nifty, but not really what I’m into right now. Into the givaway it goes! If you’re interested be sure to post a comment to the posies thread tonight and get your name in the running.

Pool time

The End.

Get it? The End? (psst! look at the picture)

Someday the kid is going to get me for that.


Happy Wednesday!

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Is it Wednesday already?

  1. Lisa, What an uplifting post! I especially liked the way that you highlighted your parent’s 37th anniversary by sharing their wedding photo and then taking the time to congratulate them and share your feelings about them. What a creative way to celebrate a foto family minute (

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! If you’re interested in creative family photos (as I can see from your blog you are!) you might like this recent post, too. Welcome!

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