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A tote and a trip

I made another little project today. This is another version of this tote from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing. I like the first tote, but it’s a bit flimsy. I decided to try adding a lining, but of course, I didn’t bother to do any research on how to do that. I just flew by the seat of my pants. It actually came out pretty good! I just see, now that I’m done with it, that there is a better way to make a lining, and that if I’d done it the right way, there’d be no visible seam allowances inside the bag. Ah well, live and learn. I still like it, even if there was a more elegant solution, and the edges don’t quite meet up evenly at the top It’s going to look nice with my most recent wraparound skirt.

My tote made its shopping debut about 15 minutes after I finished the last stitch, when the boys and I took a short trip to a local Farmer’s Market. I absolutely love the idea of a farmer’s market. All of that freshly-grown food, waiting to be brought home and turned into wholesome meals and snacks? Wonderful! I only wish I actually liked fruits and vegetables

I’m only sort-of kidding. We did manage to bring home a few bags of things that made us happy. First was cherries. And I don’t know where I read this brilliant idea, (and I must have read it somewhere because it seems too clever for me to have made up on my own) but I took two nesting glass bowls, filled the space between them with water, and put the bowls in the freezer. Later when I took it out, I had an “ice bowl” that I was able to set out on the table, full of cherries. The cherries were able to stay out for a few hours and still be nice and cold. Yum!

We also came home with baby potatoes, a green bell pepper and an onion (all of which I chopped up and fried in a small amount of olive oil), a little container of sweet pickles that Son #2 taste-tested at the market and proclaimed purchase-worthy, and a basket of strawberries that I turned into jam tonight. Did you know some bread machines have a jam cycle? Mine does, and I’ve made all kinds of delicious jams in summers past. Strawberry is my favorite, though.

Tomorrow, as long as I’ve got the bread machine out, I’m making a Banana Sandwich Loaf. It’s like white bread with a bit of a banana zing to it. It makes a great peanut butter sandwich, particularly when I spread a little homemade strawberry jam in there, too – I feel positively domestic when I make a sandwich like that!

Now if only I could figure out why, with all of this wholesome goodness in the house, I’ve been scarfing down pretzels and Kissables during my computer time tonight, I’d be in good shape…




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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “A tote and a trip

  1. You are totally in domestic mode girl! And, of course you must exit the house immediately after completing that cuteness of a bag to show it off! I’m blown away by all that you did! And how awesome that you are whippin’ out those sewing projects! You are inspiring me to light a fire under my butt & get my sewing machine out more!!

  2. Your tote looks amazing, I love those fabrics together! And Strawberry jam?? Yummm!

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