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A is for Aqua


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If you’ve been keeping an eye on the new additions to the store, you’ve probably already noticed that I managed to stock some of those books I’ve been blogging about. I’m really excited to be able to offer these titles. I don’t have many of each, and they may not even be permanent additions to the store, but I’ll keep them available as long as there’s demand.

, and it finally got here today. In reading the sizing information, I’m getting confused. My bust size does not correspond with the size clothes I usually buy. Do sewing pattern sizes have anything to do with the sizes they sell things in the store, or is it a whole other animal? I’m afraid to start cutting things up until I know what I’m doing…

Something else came in the mail today – my birdie fabric! I’m making a new skirt tonight (because everyone knows you just can’t stop at six icon_rolleyes-flickr-3). What excites me more than making the skirt itself is making up some clay jewelry to go with it. I haven’t been all that jazzed to make claythings lately, but for some reason I’ve had visions of aqua and orange dancing in my head for days now, just waiting for the fabric to arrive so I could make a perfect color-match.

Pool time

Speaking of aqua… I decided (two days late) to join in on the Encyclopedia of Me Meme, which I found through Creative Little Daisy. So, I’m going to kick off with A is for Aqua. I’ve been an olive/chartreuse girl for some time, and although I am not ready to ditch my green love just yet, I’m finding myself drawn to aqua and turquoise a lot lately. You can see how it’s all over my flickr favorites, a recent skirt, and my craft room dreams.

Now I have to go think of what the heck I’m going to do with the rest of the alphabet icon_smile-flickr-3

Hey, it’s Friday, and I just remembered I took the next two weeks OFF!! Woo hoo! Once I get the last batch of open orders out the door this weekend, it’ll be nothing but bonding with the boys and crafty goodness as far as the eyes can see. Oh, and “A&E’s 3rd Annual Water Party Extravaganza,” of course. More on that as details develop, I’m sure.

Happy Friday!



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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “A is for Aqua

  1. Pattern sizes have absolutely nothing to do with real sizes, and if you learn how to fit, that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, pattern sizes also have almost nothing to do with the measurements on the back of the envelope. The pattern you’re looking at isn’t quite as dependent on accurate measurements for good fit, though. Where you really have to worry is on patterns that have a sleeve that hangs from the shoulder line (not dropped or raglan or kimono, which are also pretty flexible), or something that’s fitted at the bust and/or waist. What you can do with this one is decide where you want the outside edge of that neckband to lay. Use a tape measure to measure yourself across the front of your body between those two points. The neckband is probably a piece that gets cut on a fold, so divide that measurement in half, add 5/8ths of an inch to that, and pick the neckband front that measures closest to that from center front to outside edge (perpendicular to center front. Draw a line extending the center front upwards on the pattern tissue if you need to.) All patterns are based on a B cup bust, so if you’re larger and want a little more ease, make a slit parallel to the center front in the front pattern piece, in between the gather lines over the bust, and tape the two pieces to a separate piece of paper a half inch apart for each increase in cup size. It’s easier than it sounds, you’ll see, and it’ll make a big difference in fit.

  2. Thank you! I am going to try it with an old bedsheet before I cut into any nice fabric – that’ll give me a chance to experiment, and I can try your suggestions.

  3. Yes, old sheets are good, even new ones if you get them cheap (marburn curtains always has tacky stuff with no matching parts in a discount bin!) Be just as careful about laying the pattern out on the correct grain, though!

  4. Here’s a really good pattern sizing resource from the Simplicity Patterns web site:

    I’ve been sewing for 20 years but this still taught me a few new things.

  5. lsaspacey, thanks for the link – I read through it and it looks very useful! And now I have confirmation that I bought the wrong pattern size. It all worked out in the end, though, with the adjustments I made. Thanks, again!

  6. Eh. I SO have to go back to teaching sewing. Once I’m finished with all the painting and shelving and organizing. . .

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