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Last night it snowed. Today it yarned.

So the snow storm came last night, but didn’t treat us too badly here in our little corner of New Jersey. I’d say we didn’t get any more than 10 inches. And I didn’t hear much in the way of wind, either. Whew. You know how I feel about wind. Still, even though we were […]

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It’s time.

I’ve been staring at this mess for a few months now, periodically shoving aside enough things to make a work space, but never actually putting anything away. The only thing that stresses me out more than looking at that mess is the thought of cleaning it up. Which is why it stays there, and I […]

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Project: Simplify week two

This week our mission was paper clutter.  Oh, man, do I have my fair share of that!  There’s the kitchen table, which attracts mail and school papers.  There’s my desk, which has been host to a growing pile of who-knows-what for something like three years.  There’s a corner of my kitchen that I have set […]

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