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Swapping and Sewing

It’s swappin’ time, and there’s nothing like leaving it to the  last minute, eh?  You may recall me mentioning the Sweet & Sinister Swap?  Well, the box is due to be mailed tomorrow.  Want to see what I’m putting in the box to my partner, Ginny? I’ve had the BOO! banner for some time now […]

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Flickr, fresh air & ticking artists

Is it flickr favorites time again, already? Where did that week go? I know I was insanely busy, but I really can’t pinpoint where I spent my time. I can see some autumn influences working their way into my favorites – a couple of photos featuring pumpkins, and a few more warm, orange tones are […]

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How much improvement can one girl take?

This is everything I ate yesterday. Wait – what’s that sound? Why, it’s the collective gasp-in-horror from all of the motherly-types out there reading this. My own mother scolded me in the comments for this photo on flickr. She knows me pretty well – you’d think she’d have realized by now that I eat like […]

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Color Challenge Finalists for September

Well, I spent the last 30 minutes staring at 70+ photos full of lovely olive greenness, and eventually chose nine of my favorites. It was not an easy choice! Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner: Polymer clay vessel, msjade, by Adria Filion Polymer clay and sterling silver pendant, […]

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Welcome Autumn

It seems that my favorite time of year has arrived. The house is filled with the quintessential smell of fall – fresh-baked pumpkin bread. If your house doesn’t smell like this today, why don’t you take my recipe and see if you can rectify that, hm? I welcomed autumn this morning with the very first […]

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Going crazy. Wanna come?

To borrow a phrase from Aidan, “THAT’s it!” (It’s very important that there be much emphasis on the word “that’s” if you want to get the full effect.) There are parts of my house that are scary-messy. Not just messy. Scary-messy. So I’m getting back on the Flylady bandwagon. Well, not completely. I may just […]

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