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Fun With Pits

I was going to call this post “Fun With Flickr,” and that reminded me of my sister. When she was in preschool, she would come home from class every week with a little age-appropriate worksheet about somethingorother in the world. One day it was “The Joy of Seeds,” only she, not being able to read at the time, remembered it as “Fun With Pits” – a title that entertained 8-year-old me to no end. So, Fun With Pits, it is.

Only we’re actually talking about flickr. Not pits. Shall we get on with it?

Favorites week of September 17

I like to share my favorites for the week every Friday, and this is no exception. I found most of these by looking at what has been submitted to some of my favorite flickr groups recently, or by looking at the photos from my contacts. Check out Erin‘s giraffe in the lower left corner – isn’t he great? I love this guy’s quirky expression. My living room has an unofficial giraffe theme, and we have a small empty spot on one wall where an African mask used to reside (it plunged to its death on the tile below when an overzealous child knocked into it). I’m considering asking Erin if she minds me using her image in that little spot.

Aside from the spotted creature, and a few other wild animals, this week’s favorites are almost a step backwards into my summer of aqua love. It must be indian summer icon_smile-flickr-8-2

Some Color Challenge Samples

Have any of you looked at the calendar lately? When did it get to be the end of September?? [Note to self: Dad’s birthday is sooner than you think, and you might want to get him a card.] What the end of September means around here in Polka Dot Creations Land is that the current Color Challenge is about to end! I’m aiming for September 25th as a last day, but it really is subject to my ever-fluctuating schedule, not to mention my unpredictable whims icon_wink-flickr-5-2.  If you plan to submit an olive green lovely, then it’s best to do it sooner than later, lest a whim strikes this very weekend…

Aren’t these some pretty entries?  I love the colors in the ATC, which really coordinate nicely with the Kato-esque pendant.  These pretty earrings feature some lovely green pearls(one of my favorite colors to use, back when I was heavy into freshwater pearls), and the fabric coasters are appealing to me.  They are made with Freshcut fabric, which you probably know is one of my favorite collections.
Ah, Friday.  Aidan has asked to spend the night with his grandparents, so he’ll be gone this evening.  This morning at the bus stop he declared his intention to stay at their house until Sunday, so if Grandma is having it, it’ll be  an Aidan-free weekend.  I tell you, when I am down to only one boy around here (no matter which one it is), it’s almost like being alone – it’s so quiet.  When both of them are here, they are either playing (loudly) or fighting (loudly).  Of course we miss him when he’s not here, but there’s something to  be said for having a weekend free of pandemonium icon_smile-flickr-8-2


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