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Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese on Zucchini Bread

  I never liked grilled cheese growing up. In fact, I was nearly 30 years old before I realized I could actually enjoy eating it. The trick for me was to avoid processed American cheese and instead use a slice of yummy, spicy pepper jack. Additionally, I found I liked using homemade bread. My favorite […]

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My Blogiversary

Silly word, I know.  But tonight, as I was importing all of my old LiveJournal posts, so that everything would be in one place and easily searchable, I realized that my first blog post ever was on September 3, 2005.  I missed my 2-year Blogiversary by one day.   Wish I’d known – we could have […]

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We’ve been painting!

Ok, when I say “we” I actually mean “Neil.” My contribution is to keep the children from touching the wet walls. That is a surprisingly difficult task. As soon as they know that they can’t touch it, it becomes a serious problem for them. Just walking through the room, they are inexplicably drawn to leaning […]

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