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Flickr, fresh air & ticking artists

Favorites week of September 24

Is it flickr favorites time again, already? Where did that week go? I know I was insanely busy, but I really can’t pinpoint where I spent my time. I can see some autumn influences working their way into my favorites – a couple of photos featuring pumpkins, and a few more warm, orange tones are showing up. And yet again, I’ve managed to favorite two practically identical images from totally different places: the bagels and the yarn. Apparently I had a thing for stacked irregular ovals this week icon_smile-flickr-2

Early Fall

I took a walk this morning, just me and my trusty mp3 player. It’s the kind of fall day I absolutely love – chilly enough for the air to feel “crisp” but not so cold that I can’t get away with leaving the jacket home. The leaves are just beginning to turn in the yard, and a mile or two down the road, at the entrance to the Great Swamp, the colors are already heading into brilliant territory. The leaves at the Swamp always turn faster than they do at the top of the hill where I live. I plan to take the boys over to have a look at the leaves and the critters shortly, and of course, we’ll be sure to bring the camera.

bt1905005172-flickrWhile I was walking, I listened to Sister Diane of the CraftyPod chat with Anna Torborg, author/editor of The Crafter’s Companion. I have had a copy of that book since June, and it was something I enjoyed reading in the backyard while the children splashed in the pool. Each chapter in the book is written by a different well-known crafty blogger whose task is to answer the questions: Why do you create? What inspires you? How do you work?  There are photographs of the blogger’s workspace and creations, and each blogger has also contributed a project.  The people featured in the book are at the helm of some very popular blogs, mostly sewing-related.  It seems to me, though, that discussions of creativity are relevant to all artsy types regardless of medium.


Ok, time to get away from the computer and go find some leaves to crunch underfoot!



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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Flickr, fresh air & ticking artists

  1. I sooo need to get back in the habit of walking again. dd used to go on runs, and I’d walk while pushing the kids in the stroller. Spring went by, then summer (who knew that even came around), and now its getting cold out LOL I really need to start running again, especially after I release the content of my belly hehe

    1. I used to get a lot of exercise taking my kids for a walk, but it’s just not the same now that neither one of them is in a stroller. They either lag too far behind, or they goof around with each other in the street and make me nervous (we don’t have sidewalks around here).

  2. I have the same book but haven’t yet made anything from it either. The stories behind the contributing artists’ creative process are indeed inspiring. Such stories do indeed make me think about my own process and encourage me to look at things in new ways.

    1. It’s that kind of thing that makes me enjoy podcasts, too. CraftSanity, CraftyPod, and CraftCast are my three favorites for that purpose.

  3. man I wish we had autumn leaves like the east coast but for some reason the palm trees don’t change colors. I miss fall foliage.

    1. As much as I would love to live in a warmer climate, I would miss the changing of the seasons too much. What I need is a place where we have all of the seasons, including the leaves changing, etc, but then winter only lasts for about a week before decent temperatures are back 😉

  4. yippeee to my buddy, I am so priud of you for the walk, what a beautiful place to walk.
    What a great idea crafty podcasts, mmm, i need a Ipod instead of a mini.
    I love the crafters companion, not made anything but enjoy reading it.
    Keep going

    1. It really is a beautiful area to walk. I have to carve out some time for it tomorrow… My mp3 player isn’t even an ipod, but it’s just as good for a fraction of the cost. I’m very happy with it.

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