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I have a problem

Napkin bonanza

Admitting it is the first step, right?  You see, I made these 26 napkins at the height of summertime from a fabric collection called “Elsie’s Kitchen.”  I loved them for their fun, retro look.  I still love them for that, and we use them exclusively – I haven’t bought paper napkins in months.  They feel so nice and soft, having been through several washes now.

But there is a problem.  While I slather cream cheese on my pumpkin muffin and slurp up my hot apple cider, I am finding it “jarring” to dab my lips with a napkin devoted to lemonade, cherries, and summertime fun.   Shoot.  When I made these, I didn’t think of them as seasonal at all.  But then, when I made these, I wasn’t watching leaves flutter by the windows or listening to acorns hit the roof.

I’m going to have to face it – I need Fall napkins.  And I need them in a fun fabric collection with the same “vibe” as these.  How hard could that be to find, right? icon_rolleyes-flickr-2-3  And you know what’s coming next, don’t you?  Clearly I’m going to need Christmas napkins.  And maybe just general Winter napkins, too.  sigh.

I imagine Neil is planning an intervention for me as we speak…

I should be asking if anyone knows of a good 12-step program, but instead I think I’m going to ask: does anybody know of any fun seasonal fabric collections that will also make good napkins?  Leave a comment, if you do icon_smile-flickr-10-2



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Posted on 16 Comments

16 thoughts on “I have a problem

  1. Actually, being a fabric bargain junkie, I wouldn’t recommend buying any collection full-price. Instead, I would lead you to Fabric Warehouse, either in Belleville or Rahway (whichever is closer to you) and tell you to search among the cotton prints and pay less than $2 a yard – as low as 50 cents a yard if you go during one of their sales. For me, though, the thrill of the hunt is part of the whole fabric shopping experience. It reminds me of buying back to school clothes at the original Filene’s Bargain Basement in Boston when I was little. But without the disturbingly mangled mannequins. Those things gave me nightmares like you wouldn’t believe!

    1. I went to Fabric Warehouse (Rahway) a few months ago, but they really didn’t have much in the way of cotton prints. Had I been wanting to make a suit or upholster an ottoman I’d have been in good shape, though 😉 The hunt doesn’t thrill me a whole lot, unfortunately!

  2. omg woman… are so sunk, so addicted, so in deep doo doo. Pretty soon you will have napkins for every occasion, season, time of day or night. I can see the boys wearing matching seasonal outfits, you in matching colors and Neil wearing bow ties that match. I would almost pay to see a picture of that =))

    1. Um, we’ve kinda done that… minus the bow-tie. Neil wouldn’t be caught dead wearing even the same color as the rest of us when I get all matchy-matchy, LOL!

  3. Hi, I haven’t posted on your blog before but I have been reading for a little while now. I found your blog from a friends blog, . Anyway, I recently got some of the the new line Fall Back in Time and like it a lot. Check it out.

    It also seems that we might be in the same state. I moved out here a little over a year ago.

    1. Hi, Ellen – nice to meet you. I don’t recognize the blog you mentioned, but that’s the beauty of the www, eh? We’re all connected, even when we don’t know it!

      I was just looking at that fabric line a few minutes ago! If I can find a relatively small (read: inexpensive) fat quarter collection, I think I’m going to go for it.

  4. “I’m going to have to face it – I need Fall napkins.”

    Oh no. Now here is how the scene will play out later tonight.

    “Hello Mr. Hammer. Meet Mr. Sewing Machine. Now you two play nice and later we’ll all go play in the backyard with Mr. Shovel.”

    1. what? you don’t want a matching bow tie and vest Neil? I think you would look very dapper.

      :::::: runs like heckers::::::::


    I probably shouldn’t help feed your addiction but this s a good price for yardage! You could just cut it down for fat quarters.

    It is a small world.

    1. I see you have clued-in to the fact that I am easily encouraged to buy crafty supplies I really shouldn’t be spending money on… Heh. You’ll fit in here juuuuuust fiiiiiine 😉

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. 🙂

  7. I’d recommend some great fall fabrics, but I gotta go make some cloth napkins.
    I LOOOOVE those!

    1. Heh, they’re fun, aren’t they? I like to just look at them all stacked up, or fanned out. I don’t need to actually use them to appreciate them 🙂

  8. […] It sounded good at the time.  But two chubby Priority Mail envelopes appeared this afternoon in my mailbox.  Yeah, I caved last week and ordered some material for Fall napkins. […]

  9. […] make the pumpkin bread and pass it out to friends or teachers.  I didn’t rotate out the cherries-and-lemonade napkins in favor of the leaves-and-pumpkins napkins.  I didn’t make the one or two subtle changes to […]

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