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She of Little Words

Normally, that is not a phrase used to describe me, but it has been a busy day and will continue to be a busy night. Today I…

Zinnias in the bathroom

Went to the farm for apples, a cute little pumpkin and zinnias. I peppered my house with little containers full of flowers. I took my picture for Self Portrait Thursday.

Apple crisp

I de-fingerprinted some woodwork, straightened up the visible areas of the house, put on my apron, and made an apple crisp to share with my afternoon guests (mother, grandmother, aunt).

Where's Waldo?

Eamonn and I entertained said guests with Netflix coupons and Where’s Waldo books. Perhaps my family is easily amused?

WHiMSy Mail

I ran errands, waited for buses, and got mail.

Tonight I get back to the order processing I started last night. It’s been much slower-going than it should be. Must. get. through. email! Am I, perhaps, in slow motion this week? I have 1589 unread feeds in my Google Reader, so it would seem that I am not wasting time in my traditional way… and yet, time is clearly passing me by. Thursday. Already. Wow.


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “She of Little Words

  1. Hey there Lisa!

    Just look at that sparklin’ sink! Somebody’s been swishin’ and swipin’! Gotta love that Flylady!

    Love your blog…


    1. Ooh, yes. I can hardly wait to post my before/after pictures for the week tomorrow. It’s exciting to be able to let my grandmother use my bathroom without feeling completely embarassed 🙂

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