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So, I thought it was still October

But then this happened, and made me doubt myself.. It was quiet and it was pretty.  But then this happened and made me a little nervous… A branch on this tree (you know, the three that routinely tosses big sticks at our vehicles?) cracked under the weight of the leaves and snow and came to […]

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Preparing for the coming Snowmaggedon

What does your husband do the night before a snow storm? I’ll show you what mine does: Yeah.  It’s a Dalek.  And just because it wasn’t nerdy enough the way it was… He added lights. Tomorrow it will probably be covered in a foot of new snow.  I just hope we don’t need our plunger […]

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Mother Nature’s sense of humor

Happy First Day of Spring!  We awoke to this.  Hardly spring-like.  It was all gone by 10am, but still… Snow?  Really?  That Mother Nature is such a kidder, eh? I’m gearing up for a challenging weekend around here.  I stopped being feverish and miserable from my flu a few weeks ago, but I still haven’t […]

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Checking in

It’s been a long day, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Walking, lugging, more walking, more lugging, and even more walking – those were the exhausting parts. But the wonderful conversations with those who dropped by my table at the vendor fair, the opportunity to put faces to so many familiar names of customers […]

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It’s Show-and-Tell Thursday!

Ok, I made that up. But it’s Thursday, and I wanted to show you what I finished yesterday. [Better grab a cup of coffee – this is a long one!] This is the ever-important Christmas apron. Most years, I have good intentions about getting my holiday decorating done nice and early so that I can […]

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The onset of winter

Did I speak too soon yesterday? Did I anger the weather gods? It snowed again this morning – still is snowing, in fact – and it’s decided to stick around. I can appreciate what a fun sight this is to a little person, I really can. And I can even enjoy this kind of thing […]

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