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Mother Nature’s sense of humor

Oh, good grief

Happy First Day of Spring!  We awoke to this.  Hardly spring-like.  It was all gone by 10am, but still… Snow?  Really?  That Mother Nature is such a kidder, eh?

I’m gearing up for a challenging weekend around here.  I stopped being feverish and miserable from my flu a few weeks ago, but I still haven’t shaken the full-blown cold it morphed into.  The symptoms ebb and flow in their severity, but they have yet to completely go away, and today I feel particularly congested.  My voice is going, too.  If I’m not better by Monday, I’ll give in and call the doctor.

But in the meantime, I’ve got a weekend to get through – a weekend throughout much of which Neil will be otherwise occupied.  Under the best of circumstances, these solo weekends are perfect opportunities to take my little men visiting their grandparents, to explore the Great Swamp, or to treat ourselves to an afternoon of Frappaccinos (me) and chocolate chip cookies (them).  But when I’m feeling less-than-perfect, the temptation to let the kids play Wii all day in their pajamas is a great one, let me tell you!

I’m hoping to strike an acceptable balance between the two worlds.  And maybe squeeze in a little sewing, too.  We shall see.

Friday Flickr Favorites

My flickr favorites for the week.  So many bright, happy colors.  Perfect for the first day of spring, wouldn’t you say?

And now I’m off to be a geek for the night.  My sweetie and I have a series finale to watch 😀


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s sense of humor

  1. we are taping the finale since we have Shabbat service at 7:30 tonight. I can’t believe the series is over. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Cave under Construction

    1. I have to say, that finale didn’t answer all of my questions. I’m still confused, although that’s nothing new, LOL!

      I wonder what I’m going to do on Friday nights now, until the new Stargate starts. (That may be the nerdiest sentence I ever wrote…)

  2. we haven’t gotten hooked on Stargate……yet. We started with Babylon 5, then on to Battlestar Galactica (gotta love netflicks) so who knows…StarGate may be our next sci-fi addiction. We will be watching it today….so NO SPOILERS!

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Cave under Construction

    1. B5 came out around the time Neil and I got married, so that was the first one we watched regularly together. Then we started with Farscape, and Stargate:SG1 followed by Stargate:Atlantis. I actually think I prefer all of those to BSG, but I’ve still enjoyed watching it. I like SciFi Friday 🙂

  3. well that was a really confusing final that left you up in the air wasn’t it? I guess we will now wait for the new one to start this fall..”The plan”?? We tried to watch farscape but didn’t like it. Karen isn’t sure she wants to get into Stargate or not. We LOVED B5 thats for sure.

    1. Farscape is kind of an acquired taste. I have to admit, I didn’t get into it at first, the only thing keeping me watching it when Neil had it on being the Ben Browder eye candy, LOL! I did get sucked in after a few episodes, though.

      Stargate is much more of a “mainstream” kind of show, and if you can get past the rather hokey series premier, it’s a good character-based drama with a little humor and action mixed in. Plus there are 10 seasons to keep you busy 🙂

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