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White out

365 day 26 - More snow

365 day 25 - It's snowing again

365 day 27 - I am running out of ways to photograph newly fallen snow

Another heavy snowfall yesterday

I think I am done with winter.  How about you?  (Is it really still only January?  Ugh.)

P.S. Thanks for the encouragement on my last post.  I’m 8 inches into the wrap, and the dress pattern has arrived in the mail, so there’s progress!

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “White out

  1. beyond done with winter…i swear i paid my snow tax….but I guess that’s what crafting and sewing is for, to keep us sane in the winter!

    1. You’re probably right… and with that, I think I am going to put away the laptop and get out my knitting 🙂 Stay warm!

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