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The onset of winter

Surprise snowfall

Did I speak too soon yesterday? Did I anger the weather gods? It snowed again this morning – still is snowing, in fact – and it’s decided to stick around.

Surprise snowfall

I can appreciate what a fun sight this is to a little person, I really can.

Surprise snowfall

And I can even enjoy this kind of thing myself. Particularly in my pajamas, curled up on the couch clutching a mug of something warm. Oh, yes, that kind of thing really hits the spot.

But beautiful fall-meets-winter scenes like this one only really last until it’s time to head to school. And today, one boy had a delayed opening but the other didn’t. Which means I had to go out twice.

Surprise snowfall

Two times to put the chill into my feet.

Surprise snowfall

Two times to navigate the slushy roads.

This unexpected November snowfall really put a crimp in my Monday morning agenda. The flakes are still falling lazily out my window, the trees are still a beauty to behold, and my toes are still cold from the last time I went out an hour and a half ago…

I’ve had to abandon my plans to get my eyebrows waxed – guess I’ll just be shaggy for Thanksgiving. In all of the snowy excitement this morning, I forgot to start the crock pot with tonight’s dinner, so I’ll have to make whatever tomorrow’s meal was going to be instead. I haven’t yet tackled the work I planned to do on the kitchen sink, but I can handle doing that later this afternoon – and find a way for Eamonn to help me.

Speaking of little helpers, I did accomplish one thing already today. In the hour Aidan and I had to ourselves after we dropped Eamonn off at school, he stripped his and his brother’s beds for me, helped me sort the dirty laundry, learned to fold his own clean shirts and learned to bundle his clean socks into pairs. I have to tap that 7-year-old energy more often… He’s not usually the one who wants to help, but he was ready and eager this morning, and for that I am thankful. Maybe there’s something about being home alone with me, without little brother underfoot that brings out this side of him.

Surprise snowfall

In less than an hour, it will be time to go out again and pick up the little guy. It really is pretty out there. Forget about the treacherous driving, the inconvenience, the chilly feet.

Surprise snowfall

Focus on the beauty. Right?

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “The onset of winter

  1. That image of your two boys watching the snow through the window in their handmade flannel pants is totally wonderful. And I share your mixed feelings about snow. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I love it when they’re peaceful and serene. Being boys, it doesn’t happen all the time 😉

  2. thanks for sharing the snow pictures. I love looking at the snow…through a window, in front of a fire, with a hot toddy in my hand and Munchie curled up on my lap. It doesn’t snow here so I only see it if we go up in mountains. Boots are a good thing for warm feet yanno.

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Newly listed

    1. What is this thing you call “boots” ?

      Heh. Boots just seem so silly in 1/2 an inch of snow. Still, I’m sure it would have helped. But then, what would I have had to complain about?

  3. you are such a goofball. You would of complained about the slush getting the car dirty of course 🙂

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