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So, I thought it was still October

But then this happened, and made me doubt myself..

365 day 302 - Snowtober

It was quiet and it was pretty.  But then this happened and made me a little nervous…


A branch on this tree (you know, the three that routinely tosses big sticks at our vehicles?) cracked under the weight of the leaves and snow and came to rest on the garage roof.  Neil moved the cars up the driveway just in case.

All afternoon, the sound of cracking branches echoed throughout the neighborhood.

And then this happened…



That garage-topping branch snapped in half and is now dangling between the house and garage.

The snow is almost over, but heavy wind is expected overnight.  Several areas of town are without power.  Sounds like a perfect night for a family room slumber party, to me.  And tomorrow? I think we have to make a plan for removing that homicidal tree from our yard once and for all…

So, wow, October? Really?

I hope any of you who are dealing with the early snowfall are staying warm, cozy, and safe!


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “So, I thought it was still October

  1. No snow here in Montana-I feel very lucky. Stay safe.

    1. It’s surprising that New Jersey got snow before Montana this year!

  2. Oddly, still Octoberish here. And where I live (or lived until two years ago) there is USUALLY some snow on the ground before Halloween. Sometimes melts, sometimes sticks.

    This year? None. Not even a lot of rain or frost.

    Get rid of the homicidal tree. It’s obviously part of a deciduous conspiracy.

    1. Hee hee 🙂 an appointment has been made to rid ourselves of the green menace.

  3. Be safe. I remember my first winter in Michigan at age 10. A rare but possible major blizzard hit. We had just moved up from El Paso and my mom called the school to make sure they were closed, nope, school was on. Since we couldn’t get out of the house, she called me in sick. Stay warm and cuddle.

    1. That must have been quite the culture shock! This snow storm wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if the leaves had already fallen, but the weight of all that brought down tree limbs galore!

  4. So glad your roof and house is ok, but thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! I’m in Texas and we don’t typically get beautiful snow on an annual basis. I love seeing where it falls in other parts of the world.

    1. I love taking close up pictrues of snow, but I won’t complain if we don’t see much of the white stuff this season 🙂

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