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Wherein Lisa rambles through a week’s worth of show-and-tells

It all started last week, when I destroyed my new bamboo shirts and was left with nothing new to wear, despite several hours of work and even more hours of daydreaming about how nice those new bamboo shirts would have been to wear all spring and summer. That left me feeling distinctly dissatisfied, naturally, and […]

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(Mis)adventures in tub-dying

I’ve had this post planned for oh, two or three weeks.  I was going to show you this luscious bamboo fabric, the two fabulous shirts I sewed from it, and the magical transformation that came over them when I stirred them around in a few buckets of dye. There were a few glitches along the […]

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It’s a sickness, I tell you.

  Can’t say I’m afraid of the camera now, can we? I’m a pretty shy girl in public, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned since opening my flickr account, it’s that it’s fun to take my own picture. It’s bringing out the ham in me, and I never realized that she existed before. Kind […]

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Why my kitchen still looks like World War 3

  What do you do with a boring, too-big t-shirt with an unflattering unisex crew-neck? Usually I just keep it for a season out of guilt and then chuck it in the giveaway bag. Today I had a different idea.   How about re-doing the neckline a la those Built By Wendy tops I was […]

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J is for Junkie

Hi, my name is Lisa Clarke, and I’m addicted to skirt-making. Yep, in the Encyclopedia of Me, J is for Junkie. I apparently have an addictive personality. Thankfully, I don’t dabble in dangerous addictions, so much as creative or wardrobe-related ones. My latest addiction is both creative and wardrobe-related. Am I crazy? Who needs NINE […]

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