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Speedy Crafting

Really, is there any other kind? Not for me. I squeeze my crafting time in wherever it will fit, usually in the hour before or after supper, or like tonight, while I was cooking. I don’t recommend that, actually. I ended up attaching a sleeve to my new shirt inside-out. Oops.

Speaking of my new shirt…

New shirt and pendant

I wanted to whip this out quickly tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow. This is another Built By Wendy top, and I used a Sheet Swap sheet from Regina for it. I am in love with this sheet, and I had been so excited about the skirt it would become, but once I got my mind on making shirts, I realized it would be great as a shirt, too. I just love the colors. And I even don’t mind wearing such a bold print on top, although initially I would have thought it was too busy for me.

New shirt and pendant

The matching necklace was thrown together in 30 minutes using the very last bit of one of my favorite Autumn color scheme canes and a handful of beads I scrounged.  I’m pleased with it. Its construction is a little slipshod, but I was going for speed. I can work on elegance and durability when I have more time!


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Speedy Crafting

  1. you are just having way too much fun with all the sheets you got from the swap. That is a pretty wild print, but it is *you* 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m happy with it. I’m only recently realizing there is a crazy vintage floral girl hiding under all of those black t-shirts I’ve been wearing for years!

      1. I always knew there was another you under those t shirts 😀
        I want to see a close up of the pendant dang nabit silly wabbit!

  2. Great work! The matching pendant totally makes the outfit, its like the cherry on a sundae!

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