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I’m getting that itch again. The same one I had roughly four years ago. If you were here then, you might know what I’m talking about…

I feel another sheet swap coming on.

What do you think of trading pieces of your pretty vintage sheet finds? And maybe pillowcases, too?  They’re perfect for turning into kitschy home decor, flowery skirts, soft hankies, and more!

We could all take a few weeks to scour our local thrift shops, and then we would cut up and share the spoils with each other, spreading the vintagey wealth a little bit. In the meantime, I could share some posts here meant to help you find good sheets, and giving some ideas of what to do with them once you’ve got them.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have three or four smaller pieces of different fun prints than one gigantic piece of a single print, and swapping is the best way to do that.  Especially if you live in an area where fabulous linens are scarce.

So… what do you think? I will ask in a more “official” capacity later, but before I do that, I’d like to gauge interest and see if it’s worth doing again! And the verdict is YES! Here is the signup sheet.

P.S. The images from this post were taken during the last sheet swap – these were some of the sheets that were sent in. If you’d like to see what we made with them once they were distributed, check out the flickr group.

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Sheetsanity

  1. count me in!!

  2. Sounds good to me.

  3. I have a sewing machine, but I don’t use it. This would be a really fun way to learn!! I’d love to participate!

  4. I was just dreaming about doing this very thing! I’m in!!

  5. i love it! i have a crazy amount of big pieces too- would love to divide and collect. 🙂

  6. Count me in! Please. Just tell me what I’m suppose to do 😉

  7. This would be a really fun way to learn!! I’d love to participate!

  8. Count me in and I was around for the last round and had so much fun. I spy some of the ones I gave and received in the above pics. I also have to say they make the most comfy skirts to wear all summer and for traveling.

  9. […] was encouraged by those of you who showed interest in having another sheet swap, and I ended up at the thrift shop […]

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