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A shawl, a shirt, and a touch of madness

I have to thank you all for the feedback on my partially-completed shawl.  I was on the fence about splurging for the materials to finish the project, and your comments gave me a lot of food for thought… So, I bought the other two skeins and finished the shawl.  But not before I ripped out […]

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Striped Sock Puppet

My six-year-old’s buddy had a birthday party today, and we wanted to make him something special.  Enter our friend Sock Puppet.  We’ve made a few of these before, but this time I thought I’d share the steps here, in case you’d like to make your own striped friend.  Eamonn chose all of the yarn colors […]

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My Poodle Costume

Or, How to Make an Ugly Vest in Four Easy Steps. This is my first knitted garment, and I knew within the first few rows of knitting that I wasn’t really going to like it much.  But I pressed on, because I wanted to learn the mechanics of vest-making, do a little experimenting, and use […]

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Sock it to me

So, I got the bright idea of knitting myself a pair of socks.  Neil got me a booklet called Learn to Knit on Circle Looms, and it included a sock project.  I have to admit, I thought the socks in the project were kind of ugly – didn’t care for the color scheme, or the […]

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