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A shawl, a shirt, and a touch of madness

I have to thank you all for the feedback on my partially-completed shawl.  I was on the fence about splurging for the materials to finish the project, and your comments gave me a lot of food for thought…


So, I bought the other two skeins and finished the shawl.  But not before I ripped out the original and found a new pattern to try.  I thought that the openwork would stretch my yarn supply out a bit.  As it turns out, the bulky stitch makes up for the open areas, and it still took four skeins to finish the job.  Live and learn, eh?


I like it, although I haven’t decided if I like it $50-worth.  I would prefer it to go further down my back, so I’m considering taking it apart and re-doing it in a different shape.  It’s also got some pretty visible mistakes, but I’m thinking that if I live with it for a while before I do anything, they may be harder to see.

It seems I get less critical of a piece the more distance I put between the construction of it and the wearing of it.


I love this stitch – it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.  According to Denise Layman, who wrote the pattern, the instructions for the stitch accompanied an antique knitting loom (125+ years old) that she scored on eBay.  Neat.

I should mention, I didn’t do the stitch exactly as written.  My Malabrigo Aquarella was much bulkier than the worsted called for, and so I adapted my process to make up for that.  It looks like my adaptation probably caused the finished shawl to be smaller than it was supposed to be.


I was a multi-crafty maniac yesterday, because not only did I finish the knitting, I also finished sewing this shirt.  It’s the ubiquitous Simplicity 3835, but this time I used the sleeves from View B.  Rumor has it fall has arrived, so the little extra material on my arms will be appreciated.

I used plain white combed cotton lawn on this shirt and then tub-dyed it this olive green.  I liked the white, but it was a bit on the sheer side.  I planned to dye it Sea Foam, but then I added a little bit of Chartreuse.  After that it seemed to need some Royal Blue.  Then a touch of New Black.  And a bit more Chartreuse.

In every other artistic endeavor of mine, I am exactingly precise about color.  But when I’m swirling shirts around in a bucket of dye, I’m like a mad scientist.  <Insert maniacal laughter>

Next on my work table? Christmas ornaments.  They’re back.  And I’ll tell you all about it next week.


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Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “A shawl, a shirt, and a touch of madness

  1. They’re beautiful! And they are especially beautiful together. Now I need to go pull out my projects and be productive today, just like you.
    .-= See Sarah Jackson’s latest blog post: expecting =-.

  2. You made a shawl and top for yourself this weekend, and I crocheted a snail’s eyestalks. That sounds about right.
    .-= See Penny’s latest blog post: Slapende vrouw in strandstoel / Sleeping woman in beach chair =-.

  3. A job well done. The shawl is very pretty – not sure I would make too many changes. The shirt is also very nice – like the colour as it goes with jeans.
    .-= See Ann’s latest blog post: Busy, Busy, Busy =-.

  4. Shawl and shirt both look great– but I am really most excited about the return of Christmas ornaments.
    .-= See bzzzzgrrrl’s latest blog post: Closed =-.

  5. I love that yarn, its so colorful! The shirt is one of my all time favorite colors to wear. We have decided to do a handmade Christmas this yr for all of our family members. Cant wait to see your ornament idea. I have been busy making fingerless mittens, from your pattern, ofcourse. 🙂 I even blogged about you and provided a link. Thanks for all your inspiration!!
    .-= See Kashoan’s latest blog post: Craft Challenge Project idea =-.

  6. New blog post: A shawl, a shirt, and a touch of madness

  7. that yarn and stitch/pattern are a stunning combo. Wish my sewing skills weren’t so rusty, because I love that shirt.
    .-= See Heather’s latest blog post: iPhone photography: best camera app =-.

  8. Ooo, that yarn is gorgeous! I wore my 3835 shirt (made 2 yrs ago)on Friday, which sparked my interest in returning to that pattern. I had hoped to make one this weekend but never got around to it.
    .-= See beki’s latest blog post: it was fun =-.

  9. I love that shawl – the colours are so pretty!
    .-= See Teresa’s latest blog post: Blogiversary – Giveaway =-.

  10. That yarn is amazing Lisa! I can see why it cost $50 and why you want whatever you make with it to be perfect. If I were a knitter I would probably do the same thing. The stitch is cool looking too. I like the twisty look it has. I’ll be interested to see if you change the shawl at all. It sure will be pretty no matter what you end up doing with it!
    .-= See Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor’s latest blog post: Beaded Chandelier Earrings Using Copper Wire + Polymer Clay Beads =-.

  11. Aw, you’re all so sweet, and I wish there was time this week to reply to everyone individually!

  12. Oh wow! That looks great!!!

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