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Yellow Week Two-fer

Yellow Week : Tasks

This is my task list for yesterday.  As I’m sure you know, I like to use an online service for managing my tasks, so why, you ask, was I rockin’ the old-fashioned legal pad yesterday?  It’s the same reason I am posting two days of Yellow Week at a time – my hard drive is toast.

Now, I’m a computer geek, but there are large gaps in my geekiness that, thankfully can easily be filled by my geek husband.  He came home from work last night and got my hard drive up again.  If you can call “hanging by a thread to the point where you really shouldn’t save anything else on it,” “up.”


So, my computer is on life support, and I am going to have to pull the plug, given its myriad other issues that until now I’ve just begrudgingly put up with.  I’m using it as little as possible, doing only the absolutely most important tasks – you know, printing postage, processing orders…

…blogging 😉

Yellow Week : Comfort

Thankfully I’ve come into a hand-me-down laptop today which is also busted, but it’s broken in a way that’s much easier to fix than my current computer.  Once the parts arrive from eBay, I’ll be back in business.  Until then, I’ll sit in my cozy corner on the couch, twitching and chewing my fingernails.

I really, really hope they ship those parts really, really FAST.


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Yellow Week Two-fer

  1. Lisa,
    Hang in there….you will survive this. Breathe deeply….meditate. Okay. It will get easier. ROFLOL.

    1. I exaggerate 😀 I’ve actually got a knitting project I’m trying to finish, so I’ve been working on that when I’m usually doing my social computing. The things that really concern me are business-related. I’m working on fixing my shipping/order processing reputation (which for the past year or two has been one of slow pokey-ness and excuses), but being sidelined like this really doesn’t help!

      So, there’s no twitching really, but there is a little bit of getting creative to get my orders out there in a reasonable time.

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  2. We are living similar lives. My significant other is a geek, as well, but more with hardware and networking stuff than programming and databases. Since getting together with him, we have several functional but ugly laptops in our household.

    Congrats on the Wii Fit goal today!

    1. Functional but ugly – exactly what I was afraid of when he told me he had a line on a hand-me-down we could fix, LOL! Thank goodness it actually is attractive. I don’t think geek men appreciate the aesthetic component of computing as much as geek women do, particularly we geek women who are also artsy!

      I got the ol’ eye-roll when I asked what the laptop looked like, LOL!

  3. My DIL is the geek in our family. That said I say a little prayer every time I boot up my nice little laptop. “Please work and treat me right!” I tell it. Along with regular maintenance so far it’s working well. (I don’t know, though, those laptops at the coffee shops with Windows Vista look kind of cool)

    See what Marty has been blogging about: The Wedding Dress I Talked About

    1. I know what you mean! Until now, even with its flaws, my current laptop has served me well. But it hasn’t stopped me from getting “big screen envy” every time I see a laptop with more real-estate on the screen than mine (which is pretty much every one I see, LOL!)

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