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Yellow Schmellow

Such a busy busy work day today!  As part of my 3-week-old “improve all of the neglected areas of my life” initiative, I’ve designated Wednesday as the day that I take care of all kinds of miscellaneous business tasks – essentially everything that isn’t packing & shipping.  Today it took hours longer than I expected.  I know once I get caught up, this type of work will be totally do-able for a few hours a week, but so far?  So far Wednesdays have grabbed me by the ponytail and swung me around the living room a few times.  That always leaves me dizzy and headachey.

Tonight I crawl under my quilt on the couch, work on my ugly vest project and watch a little LOST.  While I’m doing that, you may entertain yourselves with my Wednesday offerings for Yellow Week:

Yellow Week : Write

This one was a collaboration with Aidan.

Yellow Week : Eat

And this one reminds me we’re running out of couscous and stuffing.

Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Oh, this isn’t yellow.  But it’s fun, isn’t it?  And yeah.  It’s fits me.  It was hard to choose one, since so many of these descriptions apply…

See you Thursday 🙂

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Yellow Schmellow

  1. New blog post: Yellow Schmellow

  2. Beautiful photos and the geek sticker is SO fun, made me LOL! I need one, or I need de-tox for blogging…

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