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Wintery things

The Dalek this afternoon

So yesterday I got caught up in the snowiness of it all, bundled myself up, and went outside to run down the hill and feel the falling snow bounce off of my face as I flew by.  Four times.  I made a snow angel, and had a snowball fight, too.

Before all that, though, I had started the day wondering how the boys could be happy doing indoor stuff when there was a white wonderland outside just begging to be played in.  I remember snow days when I was a kid, and they all involved building a fort and stockpiling enough snowball ammunition to attempt pegging my little sister in the head.  That is what snow days are for, right?

My kids spent the vast majority of yesterday’s snow day in the house, bickering.  Listening to that can make me utterly crazy, so I was lucky to discover two unwritten rules of winter that stopped the insanity for a little while:

  1. It’s hard to bicker with your brother when you’re running like the wind, down a snowy hill, laughing and out of breath.
  2. Making valentines for your class is a good way to distract you from the fact that your brother lives to irritate you.

Making Valentines for school

If you are snowed-in with two bickering brothers, and you’ve had all of the outdoor fun you can take, wander over to Living Locurto and check out this great list of Valentine’s Day printables Amy has put together.  For Eamonn’s square cards, we used a really cute pdf from Secret Agent Joesphine.  For Aidan, we taped lollipops inside the fold of Amy’s Sandwich Bag Goodie Label (we didn’t bother using bags).

Making Valentines for school

Today is another snow day, and it’s probably a good thing, since I woke up with a head cold and don’t really feel like doing anything.  Bleh. I’m going back, now, to popping Cold-Eze and geeking out on all of the fun places online that Neil’s Snow Dalek has traveled since I posted it – the number of Twitter mentions and trackbacks on that post are cracking me up!

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Wintery things

  1. Enjoy your snowy days whilst you can. Love the cards.
    .-= See Ann’s latest blog post: Birthday =-.

    1. The snow days are preceding a 4-day weekend, so it’s turning into a nice little vacation!

  2. But goodness, we needed the extra-day to dig out! I admit that I forwarded the snow dalek to my husband, who was duly impressed but hopes you don’t have to run out in the middle of the night to reclaim your plunger. Meanwhile, have you seen this: ?

    1. You’ll never believe this but we DID need the plunger! Cracked me up.

      That’s a great fire-breather. I may not pass that along to my husband… I don’t think he needs any more ideas, LOL!

  3. Hope your cold gets better soon – I am showing everyone the Dalek – my boys can’t wait for more snow so we can make one too! 😀
    .-= See Mousy Brown’s latest blog post: Magical books. =-.

  4. What a great idea to ditch the bag and put a lollipop inside! Looks like you had lots of fun:-)

    1. I’m loving the list of links you have – thank you for providing that, and for your own freebies!

  5. that was kind of funny…..great springy header picture with the snowy headline. 🙂
    .-= See becky’s latest blog post: Focus Friday– Scarf Review =-.

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