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A random and unexpected perk

So, you probably know by now that I started offering ad space here on the blog this year.  The ads are offered using an auction model, and so they are often changing, as bids are made and expired.  I am really enjoying peeking in here every day and seeing who is in the sidebar.  I click through to nearly all of them, because even though I have a third party managing the ads for me, I still want to get to know the people who have chosen to spend their advertising pennies with me.

I thought you might enjoy learning about a few of the businesses that have particularly piqued my interest, so here are a trio of links for you to enjoy:

Running Jack Knits – The second I saw those gorgeous green fingerless gloves, I clicked over to check out the pattern.  I haven’t made them yet, but I’ve got the pattern tucked away safely now.  Wendy is undertaking a very ambitious pattern-a-week project, some of which are free, and some of which are not.  I find the idea very inspiring, actually, and I’ve been thinking about trying something similar myself (although weekly may be too ambitious for me!)

Decomod Walls – So many of the decorative elements in the world are girly, I was instantly drawn to this boy-flavored ad.  The Etsy shop doesn’t disappoint, either, with some really fabulous vinyl wall art, like a row of trains on a bridge, a fire station, or an Old West blacksmith shop.  I do think maybe my own boys are getting too old for some of these designs, but others are still appropriate, like the decals of the solar system. Very cool.

Missficklemedia – This shop is full of some really great jewelry-making components.  The ad shows a polymer pendant, but what grabs me are the copper findings. I am working my brain to come up with a nice design that can combine my own claywork with her hand-forged, patina-ed copper links.

So there you have it.  A few nice little shops for you to visit in your spare time.

Please note that I didn’t receive any extra compensation for highlighting these companies – they didn’t even know I was going to post about them.  Consider it a random and unexpected perk of placing an intriguing button on my blog!




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